Believe Him

Believe him when he says he needs a little space. 

Or believe her, whichever is the case. 

Believe him when he says “I think we just grew apart” or “We wanted different things”.

When he says “he wants space”, believe those words and give the space to him. 

Step away, because you DO want different things.  

Step away and breathe new air. Cease being the one who does all of the work in the relationship.

Every kind of relationship needs care taking and work…the kind of work it takes to put your partner first and do selfless acts of love and kindness; the work of building and maintaining a home together, and the work of contributing toward a shared dream. 

But the work of a relationship is “love work”…selfless acts of building something that will last a lifetime. They are done because you want to do them.

Believe him when he says you’re just not the person you used to be.

Because you AREN’T like you used to be…you’re much wiser, much more discerning, and way too smart to stay.

You can learn a lot from someone you learned not to trust!

Rarely do two people, sincerely committed to a lifetime together, just grow apart without a reason. 

The reason will be as different and varied as there are humans in the world. But there will be one, maybe more.

Finding the reason will help you understand how you need to move forward with or without that person.

So…believe him…because believe ME, the faster you come to that realization, the faster you can move on. 

The faster you can move to rebuilding, regrouping, renewing, refreshing, the faster you can find joy, peace, and maybe even love.

So…by all means, take that break! It will be a good thing for you!

And listen carefully with your ears, your eyes, and your heart.

People tell you who they are in a million different ways.  

Believe them. 

And then … act accordingly.

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