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A short-sized bio: I have loved every single career path I’ve taken. From teaching high school, to writing courses for business management development, to managing various departments in banking and insurance, to finally leading a Human Resources department, I built my skills, honed my talents & found my way. All of these led me to the rewarding career of being a ‘late in life’ mother. And you can never have too many skills to do that one justice.


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Thoughts & Reminders on being a good friend

Listen with care and “hear” between the lines. Speak genuinely and with love. Treasure your differences as much as you treasure your similarities. Take the time to understand. Look with an open mind at new ideas, new ways of thinking. Treat with care the things you view differently. Build on the things you have in…

I’ll Be There…

An Introduction to Around the Table where it began… Around the Table has been brewing in my head for nearly a decade. I love to write, to capture bits and pieces of the world and various perspectives. I write because I need to and if those words connect with someone along the way, then that’s…