Love in Reflection

Love is a MIRROR of all you call dear, one to another and back again.

It is a reflection of the shimmer in your eyes to the depth of your lover’s soul.

Love is your favorite piece of chocolate, melting at the warmth and spreading delight throughout your senses!

And Love is a lazy Sunday afternoon,

when you eschew hard shoes, restrictive belts and uncomfortable wear for the quiet, sure presence of your favorite person, some bread, and perhaps some wine; maybe a book… but definitely a LOOK! 

Love can be the greatest SYMPHONY ever played in perfect harmony and mesmerizing melodies with the inevitable clash of disconcerting dissonance thrown in for good measure.

Love is the greatest STORY ever told!  

Surprise, Suspense, Speculation!  

Hysterical encounters, misdeeds and missteps. 

Passionate plots and playful transitions.

Captivating characters woven throughout enough character developments and thickening plots and thickening waists for a lifetime of intrigue and compelling endings. 

Love is the cry in the night that says, “I need you” through unintelligible words and unimaginable sounds.

Love is the steepest hill with the most treacherous terrain, and hidden sites to stumble and fall—and yet it is the lifeline of hope that pulls you UP, and OUT, and ON…

…On to the top of the mountain, where the view is so worth the climb. 

Love is the River that perpetually flows over the roughest rocks and makes them smooth. 
Love is the steady beat of LIFE’S own metronome, that moves you from the impossible to the possible in perfect and imperfect timing.

Love is taking a first step and then another…away from the solitary,

step by step… finding your footing again onto solid ground, to the one place you call HOME.

Love is the kindest WORD ever said that calms your soul, and enlarges the realm of your understanding…of knowing! 

Love is a LOOK, an endless look deep into the eyes of the one you know and the one who knows you well.  

Yes, Love is a Mirror of all you call dear, one to another and back again.

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