Sweet Flower Revival

I bought these flowers way back in early April and enjoyed them till they dried out in July from heat exhaustion even with daily watering.

The entire pot, once filled with hundreds of blooming possibilities, ended July with one little bloom. 

I wondered if it could benefit from a spot on the ground outside my deck that was in total shade. 

I was moving it to that sweet place of shade when I tripped and dropped the whole thing. The old blue pot that held the lone bloom, broke into tiny pieces that flew everywhere.

I laid what was left of the plant on top of this container that was filled with soil and positioned on the ground outside my deck, while I cleaned up the mess of a million shards. 

I was busy with my endless “to do” list and forgot about it for about a week. And then the rains came for days on end. Every day the rain came down faithfully, filling all the parched and cracked places in the earth. Soft, healing rain that flowed mercifully from above filled our days and our nights. And then they stopped.

The day the sun came out again I was cleaning my deck, when I leaned over the banister and noticed some tiny blooms had begun to sprout below.

I used my hands and moved away enough dirt to plant the whole base, roots and all down into the container it obviously liked, pruned the dead parts and set it back in a good spot to try once more. 

Look at this baby now!!!

It’s mid-September and I’m now enjoying round two of this beautiful plant. 

Second chances… we all deserve them.

But we don’t always get the opportunity to try again in a different place, in richer soil. 

We aren’t always wise enough to know when we need the sun and when we need the rain. 

When all around you the broken pieces look like too many to fix, maybe you are meant to start over. 

Sometimes we need to stop fixating on “what was” or “what should have been”, and start fixing our eyes on “what is”.

And then there are the times when life hands you something pretty special and we are given another go at life. 

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Today, wherever you and I are in our lives, we need to know that it is never too late. 

As long as there is breath in us, we can’t give up!

The autumn of our lives can be just as beautiful as the spring!


Expect something wonderful. 

I know I am.

Still going strong, October 2, 2020!

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