I Don’t Have to Choose

I don’t have to choose!

It isn’t “either-or” with you

I don’t have to choose

You love me too

Not after this or after that

You love me when, you love me where

You heal me too

Not at the end of the list

You put me first…how can that be?

The prayers of others carry me…

Through the roof and to the floor at your feet

At your feet, I look into the Eyes of Mercy

The Face of Grace

I don’t have to choose

I don’t have to sacrifice my needs 

You did that too

You sacrificed for me long ago

You bled and died and rose again, just for me and all mankind

You did this once

So through all time we are loved and we are saved

Your love is big

Your love is bigger than I, bigger than my ask

I can ask

Ask big 

And I can ask again

You will hear me

You will heal me

You will love me

Your love will heal me

My needs placed in the Hand of Mercy

I ask and I receive

I doubt and then believe

I stumble and am given ground on which to stand

I fail and am caught by your love

I crumble and am given faith to move

I fall and you whisper, “Rise up and walk”

Your YES is bigger than my doubts

Your WAIT is wiser than my plan

Your NO smooths my edges, sharpens my reach

Your love makes me stronger

I call out

You hear me

You heal me

You love me

I don’t have to choose!

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