I’ll Be There…

An Introduction to Around the Table

where it began…

Around the Table has been brewing in my head for nearly a decade. I love to write, to capture bits and pieces of the world and various perspectives. I write because I need to and if those words connect with someone along the way, then that’s an added bonus.

a fight with the techno-gods…

I have a tenuous relationship with technology and that’s putting it mildly. It’s not a LOVE-HATE thing. It’s more of an “I need you, but I don’t trust you” kind of thing.

However, to write a blog one must surrender to the techno-gods and let the “cyber chips” fall where they may. As I cast my fate to the wind and the mighty iCloud, I will pave this road with the power of prayer, because that’s how I begin any new adventure. I still love paper, notebooks, a good pen and pencil. I’m not sure I will ever completely give those up. But I also love the efficiency of word processing. I’m a big believer in the adage, “Make new friends, but keep the old”, so this works for me.

surprised by second place…

Ten years ago I chose the name, “Table Talk” for this blog. While I was involved in other pressing matters, a television program chose that same name. Recently as I was lamenting the loss of that name with a friend in the middle of a craft store aisle, the words “Around the Table” popped into my . mind. I said them out loud and we both nodded our heads. That was it…simple, familiar, but with enough breadth of meaning to encompass a multitude of topics. I had landed on the new title. And here’s why it made sense to me.

a family of talkers…

I grew up in a family of talkers. We would converse at great length, around the clock, but almost always around the table…the kitchen table, more precisely. Pots of coffee, endless glasses of water, and usually a carbohydrate of some sort would fuel the discussions. It was a safe place to express thoughts, consider all points and perspectives, debate with passion or just listen and absorb, depending on your mood or mental energy at the time. The topics were as diverse as the people seated around that table.

one giant slice of life…

Over the years, I have kept the sanctity of that kitchen table preserved for any who would sit at my own table. It will always be a safe place to share. This blog is the extension of my “table” so to speak…I’ll be there with diverse observations, reflections, thoughts and feelings, the kinds of things you might discuss around your own table. One giant slice of life, from one person’s perspective, at any given moment.

I hope you laugh out loud…

I hope you enjoy reading Around the Table. I hope you laugh out loud at times. I hope what is written may cause you to stop and reflect about something, connect with friends or family, move you to action, bring you comfort, or cause you to write your own comments.

an abundance of blessings…

I dedicate this blog to those who have encouraged me for years to write and offer it for others to read. I thank God for an abundance of blessings…for giving me such a beautiful, uplifting family and incredible, supportive friends. He placed the desire to write in my heart. He nudges me constantly and He knows that writing heals me as much as it fulfills me. I’m thankful for the courage to finally take this leap of faith, wherever that may lead me.

I’ll be there with love, support, reflection as often as that Spirit moves me.

I humbly offer AROUND THE TABLE and I hope it brings you joy.

13 thoughts on “I’ll Be There…”

  1. I’m so excited for you my friend!! Your words and wisdom have guided me throughout my life, and now so many others will be blessed as well! Congratulations on your new adventure!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Cathy. You have been my encourager for decades now, gifting me with a recorder to catch crazy thoughts when they occurred to me, gave me input, supported me even though it has taken way too many years to get this going. Thank you for your patience and for never giving up on me.


    1. Hey, there, cute cousin!!! The dues are the price of lifetime friendship, frequent emails, late night PM’s, and any possible way to communicate with each other. I’ m so grateful to FB for putting you back into my life. Thanks for caring and reading!


    1. Thank you, Mel Hobbs! I am grateful for your friendship! You are another person who has encouraged me along the way. I know you are amazed at how little I know about technology, etc. but I’m glad I can make you laugh! Thanks for reading!


  2. Congratulations on this new adventure. It must be a family thing for the Davis clan. Our best times for sharing, play and shear joy are always around the table! What do you wish a writer? Not break a leg. How about keep the cloud full of new ideas or fill the net with your inspiration. Love to you little cousin!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Pam. I DO think it is a Davis thing!!! always around the table and always food, laughter, and so much connection. Thank you for that wonderful wish!! Love it! Love you!


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