Thoughts & Reminders on being a good friend

Listen with care and “hear” between the lines.

Speak genuinely and with love.

Treasure your differences as much as you treasure your similarities. Take the time to understand.

Look with an open mind at new ideas, new ways of thinking.

Treat with care the things you view differently.

Build on the things you have in common.

Be there! Be present.

Ask questions. Check in.

Make space, for that person as well as for yourself.

Good relationships need to breathe…make space for that too.

Respect and honor your confidences.

Celebrate the little things and the big things together.

Show appreciation for their unique offering to the world.

Never yell, unless you’re cheering them on.

Be patient.

Forgive and ask forgiveness.

Remember all the GOOD that makes up this particular human being.

Love that person like the beautiful gift he or she is to you.

Love, always!


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