A Lenten Prayer on unimaginable days…

Oh, God, some days are darker than others. 

We come to you lost and weary and in need of being “found”.

I keep this redeeming thought in my head…You are the God of the “lost” and the “found”.

We have lost our way and we need to find yours.

On the world’s darkest days, it is easy to point the finger in every direction but our own. It seems too easy to call out “This is right. This is wrong”.  We can get caught up in our own righteous anger and lose ourselves in the process. 

We need to stop and put our lives in front of a mirror and look deeply inside of ourselves, lest we lose what matters most. 

We too, have found the wrong things to be too dear…too important in our lives. Even though we have much, we seem never to be fully satisfied. When will it be enough?

We want power, fame, fortune. To what degree do we want these? The continuum is long and fraught with many missteps.

At what point does a healthy longing become an unhealthy obsession?

Some of us want to control our own finances and futures. Some of us know we can’t really control any of this. Others want to control the purse strings of all in their sphere. 

There are those whose desire is to control people and relationships. 

Some of us can cross the line of what is healthy into what is unhealthy without even realizing it. 

And then there are those who want entire countries to bow down to them and will do anything to obtain that power and control.

And so it goes. 

There are those I no longer want to call my “brother”…and yet I know they are your children too.  

I confess that it is too easy for me to point a finger at those who have gone astray…and too hard for me to find myself in that same scenario.

What has happened to my own ability to be merciful to all your children? Even the most heinous of humans?  

I hate injustice. I hate evil. But under what scenario do I get to decide what is and what isn’t? 

I confess that I do not know what is the absolute right answer for the world, only that evil is not the answer. 

I pray night and day for evil to be overcome, knowing full well what that will mean in the end. 

I pray for your rescue to come soon. I pray for the miracle that all of humanity needs. 

In these darkest days, we are lost and we need found.

We need your redeeming love!

2 thoughts on “A Lenten Prayer on unimaginable days…”

  1. Linda, I really love your inspiring words from both of your articles. You really have a gift, and I so appreciate your sharing this! Love and Peace,Mary Beth


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