Lent… Change is Going to Come!

2 Corinthians 5:17

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation. The old has gone, the new has come.”

The 40 days before Easter Sunday have always been a time of reflection and preparedness. To me it is the greatest of all sacred Holy times.

I have done some of my most painful yet worthwhile growing in this season. 

It is a time of hope and miraculous change.

Who we were yesterday is not as important as who we are today, 

even though today may not look as bright. 

Some things look bleak in the world; some things unimaginable; some things feel unforgivable. 

The threat to democracy at home and abroad is real and is so threatening that it is hard to breathe at times.

The utter devastation we are witnessing daily may never be recovered. 

And the enormity of it all can never be overstated.

Even so, as we view the tragic, we are also bearing witness to miraculous bravery, kindness in extra-human proportions, a unity among the courageous, and the stretching of the human heart for all the world to see.

In other parts of the world faith, hope, and love have had to go underground to survive. But they will survive as they have done for centuries. 

Even though we never see the growth underground of seeds, we know that in their time, they will rise up and bloom.   

The land may look dead and barren, but underneath is magnificent, miraculous life, waiting to spring up in “just a little while”. 

And this of course is true of us and our fellow human beings all over the globe. 

If we as individuals have been preparing, making a way for all that is happening out of sight, and deep inside of us, we will one day rise and realize we are past this dark winter, this challenging, life-changing time. 

For change is happening in us and all around us. 

Good things are still brewing. 

Better times are coming. 

And when they do, we may finally be in a position to appreciate all of that much more.

We may finally possess the greatest perspective we have ever known in our lives.

We may have solved so many difficult problems and cured so many ills because a light was painfully focused on them during the darkness. 

We may possess the keys to unlocking answers we so desperately need.

Now is the season of reflection and preparation for the miracle that is to come!

This is Lent…the Holy Season. 

People rise from the dead of darkness and seek the Light once again. 

Miracles happen.

May it be so!

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