Maundy Thursday-the Mystery Unfolds

Maundy Thursday!

The beginning of the end of the beginning

-the unlikely washing of feet

-the feast of wine and bread

-the prophesies of betrayal

-the mystery of the body and the cup

-the lesson of the “greatest”

-the unheeded warnings…

So many extraordinary things happened on an ordinary Thursday.

Why? Because Jesus is the master of the unexpected. 

He came to upend expectations, to turn the tables on our lives, literally and figuratively. 

His coming changed all our impossibles to possible and our ordinary to extraordinary. 

On this Maundy Thursday, take some time to sit with the hope of the Impossible Possible.

Ponder what it means to be the least; and what it means to betray. 

Think about the gift of the Cup…that overflows for us.

Take a moment to think about sacrifice and sacrificial love!

Maundy Thursday comes to us just when we think we can take no more, when we think it cannot get any worse. It comes and causes us to stop in our tracks and take stock. 

On a ledger sheet of debits and credits, we come to the table wanting. 

We come to the table less than humble and yet He gives us the chance to get it right; to know that He is the one who can provide the way out of our debt, the way out of darkness. 

What is asked of us in return? 

To humble ourselves, acknowledge who is king, and offer our vulnerable hearts as we wait to receive His unexpected, over-the-top offering.

Wait…yet another “hour”. 

The dark is here, now.

But the Light is coming. 

Breathe in the hope that comes even in the darkest days. 

Matthew 26: 1-35; Mark 14: 12-31; Luke 22:7-38; John 13: 1-38

4 thoughts on “Maundy Thursday-the Mystery Unfolds”

  1. This was beautiful. My church had an in person monthly service service this evening and it was wonderful only about 40 of us go and my church will hold 132 people social distanced. It was special to be there as it was canceled as

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    1. Those are the things we crave!! The gatherings…the feeling of the Holy Spirit as it descends upon us as a church. There is nothing like that. I know this happens to us as individuals and that is an incredible thing…but there is something about the “When 2 or more are gathered…” that just touches my heart.


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